This thermostat functions as maintaining adjusted temperature by measuring external and internal temperature of the equipments as an expanding-liquid thermostat. If the sensor detects the heat, the liquid expands and it extends the space of diaphragm, and that power enables making and breaking contact points of the switch. It is an automatic reset product that repeats going up and down within the range of adjusted temperature.


It is widely used to almost all of the heating and cooling systems that needs to adjusting temperature like hot and cool dispenser, fridge and freezer, oven, boiler, vending machine, and all sorts of cooking equipments.

The TS-XXXSF Series Capilliary Thermostat
T103 Series
The T103 Capillary Series Capillary Thermosat
RNTS Series
The RNTS Capillary Series Thermosat
TS Series Rainbow Capillary Thermostats
The TS Series Rainbow Capilliary Thermostat  
L117 Series
The L117 Series Manual Reset Thermostat
TSR Series
The TSR Series Manual Reset Thermostat
T109 - Series
The T109 Series Thermostats In-Enclosure
T115 Series
The T115 Series Thermostats In-Enclosure
RST Series
The RST Series Capillary Thermostats
The ITS Series Thermostats In-Enclosure